A holiday in Kenya would not be complete without a cultural tour because it’s not only an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with indigenous people on a personal and intimate level but also a chance to learn different ethnic groups and their ways of life. The major Kenyan tribes are majorly divided into 3; Bantus, Nilotes and the Cushites. The Nilotic-speaking groups comprise of the Luo, Maasai, Pokot, Samburu, Turkana, and many of the subgroups which constitute the Kalenjin. The Cushites comprise of Somali, Rendille, Borana and Oromo tribes while the Bantus comprise of Kamba, Kikuyu, Agiriama, Ameru and many more. The Maasai tribe is the most original ethnic tribe of Kenya because of their long preserved traditional culture.
Explorer Kenya Tours and Travel village visits stand apart from other similar activities as we consider the impact of tour activities on the communities. We schedule guest visits so as not to interfere or negatively impact day-to-day life and ancient ceremonies, yet still, give every guest a memorable experience. Cultural weddings, traditional dances, rites of passage for warriors and other practices can also be arranged for you upon request.
Ladies may be invited by the village women to learn how to make jewelry, prepare a meal and also tend to the household tasks; this tends to be an exciting experience. Gentlemen are invited by village men to follow them to gather plants and take care of their herds of cattle; you will also learn several skills such as throwing spears and also milking cows. Exciting activities right? You wouldn’t want to miss.
Cultural tours do not only take place in the parks and reserves but also towns such as Nairobi. One can spend one afternoon at the Bomas of Kenya, watching dances put on by several of the tribes and also cultural artifacts at the National Museum. Murumbi African Collection at the Nairobi gallery is also a good place to learn more about cultures.

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